Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stella Update--17 Months

Stella has always had a voice, but these days she is making sure we hear her!

When she saw me taking pictures of the zoo she started saying "Cheese, cheese, cheese."
Speaking of cheese--the reason her hair looks greasy is because she rubbed her piece of pizza cheese side down on her head after lunch.

Stella loves sunglasses--

She is saying some two word phrases. She also says up, milk, Melmo (elmo), Milo, Murphy and more.

  She loves Elmo. 

She loves stairs--or rather she is obsessed with stairs.  Every morning she wants me to help her go DOWN the stairs.  She lives on the edge.

She now tries to sing in the microphone like her big brother and also knows the words and hand motions to some Wiggles songs. 

Stella hates to say good-bye to family, friends, and the UPS guy--she is in tears upon departure and "bye-byes."  If you ask her if she wants to go "bye-bye" she runs to the garage foyer and of course wants to walk down the garage steps on her own.  

She can read How Big is Baby Elmo? along with me at bedtime.

Stella is very good at puckering up and giving big smooches.  She still sucks her thumb and gets one "ba-ba", as she calls it before "night-night."

She is a delight to be around and we can't get enough of our baby girl!

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