Saturday, August 21, 2010

What She Likes to Do--18 Months

Okay, so she likes to ride the vacuum. Really, she is into everything these days!

wants to color with crayons and markers
she brings me books and plops into my lap to read them
she can really "egg" her brother on
she runs up to Thomas and hugs and kisses him
climb the stairs
make coffee with Daddy
fill water bottles with Mommy
fill up her snack cup
rides the "ride-on" truck
sings her "ABC's"
swims--kicks her legs, puts her face in, and likes to jump in to us!
put dishes in the sink
get her diapers
tell me she has pee-pee and poopy
she pets the cats and brings the dirty dishes to Mommy and Daddy

More later!

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